Handset Replacement Process


Objective: The Objective is to provide clear guidelines for H/set replacement process within 201 days of activation / purchase date whichever is earlier.

  1. Any IVVO mobile phone, which has developed a functional Defect within 201 Days from Proof of purchase/ date of activation whichever is earlier, would be consider for replacement.
  2. Replaced Mobile Phone would be warranted for the balance of the original warranty period.
  3. Condition of replacement unit would be similar or better than earlier unit.
  4. Replacement unit would be same or similar model.

Note: Replacement shall not be considered under the following conditions –

  • There is not software fault in H/set.
  • In case of any liquid damage / Tampered / Physical damage.
  • In case of any accessories (Battery, Charger & H/free) failure.