DOA Policy


Objective: The Objective is to provide clear guidelines for DOA certifications & Settlement process.

“Any IVVO mobile phone, which has developed a functional Defect within 7 Days from Proof of purchase/ date of activation whichever is earlier , will be termed as Defect On Arrival (here-in referred as DOA).”

Note: DOA shall not be considered under the following conditions –
a) In case the reported defect is not reproduced at Service Centre.
b) Issues related to Network Service provider.
c) Any Software related issues.
d) Issues related to all kind of Accessories & Free bees.
e) In case of liquid/Physical Damage.
f) Unauthorized rework has done.

DOA Approval Process:

  • Customer approaches Authorized Service Centre with the defective handset along with Box and all accessories.
  • Engineer will check the nature of defect, if engineer find any functional defect.
  • ASC will check DOA conditions as per the guidelines (See Para 1.1) & issues a DOA certificate.
  • ASC will checks for availability of all accessories in working condition.
  • Below points are mandatory for a valid DOA certificate.
    • Paste “C” IMEI sticker on DOA certificate
    • ASC need to Name, sign & stamp on DOA Certificate.
  • ASC will return seal pack box pack unit to consumer with DOA Certificate.
  • Customer visits retailer with DOA Certificate & Defective (Seal) Kit and can take replacement.